VTT descente Queyras couleur d'automne

Mountain biking and Downhill scooter in Queyras

Welcome in Queyras, land of mountains sports

Queyras, a wild mountain territory of Hautes Alpes, where people kept it simple !

It is the spot for outdoor enthousiaste and to practice mountain activities such as white water rafting or kayaking, mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing and mountain scooter !

With family or friends, discover exceptional trails with technical advises from a mountain bike instructor.

We offer variety of service, from mountain bike guiding, to skill clinics.

We also provide mountain scooter activity ! In between mountain bike and scooter, it will take you down single tracks with ease and fun.

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Downhill Scooter

  • Easy to learn
  • Fun
  • Safe and comforting
  • Built for Downhill MTB tracks
Mountain Scooter : Kids game for grown up !

Downhill scooter

Have a look to our experiences with mountain downhill scooter ! A fun way to get into Mountain Downhill tracks and discover our territory ! For those who are looking for adrenaline, check out your limits at Abries Bike Park, a good place to do plenty of run on special MTB/Scooter tracks !

Downhill scooter at Abries Bike Park

Enjoy the facilities of Abries Bike Park to ride as many run as possible with a Downhill mountain scooter


From 10 years old

Family Mountain Scooter discovery, Abries

Try out the fun of mountain scooter with all your family on an easy dirt path going down from Abries ski resort.


from 8 years old

Mountain Bike

Rock’n’Ride is also about mountain biking. We propose guided tour and clinics to improve your skills !

Enduro Guiding in Queyras

Ready to explore the best trail of the area ? We propose a special trip during fall, the best season to shred all the single tracks !



4 days MTB clinics for teenager

A special clinics for teenager to improve their skill and discover the beauty of Abries MTB trails !


de 10 à 14 ans

MTB clinics, Private coach

A mountain bike instructor just for you (or your group) to improve your skills and shred our best trails


For everyone who want to ride like a pro !

Bikes Rentals

Want to go on a MTB tour or to shred the Abries Bike Park ? Come rent your bike and go for some adventure !



Try mountain scooter drag by sled dogs ! 

More info with Azak Mushing in Abries

Your Guide/Instructor

Rock’n’Ride came out with a growing idea to share my passion for outdoor activity and teaching MTB.
After many year as mountain biker as a kid, I then went into white water kayaking and became a rafting in France and abroad. After 2 years Guiding on the Guil River, I have decided to take the chance to share my passion for MTB here in Queyras. Mountain scooter was the perfect equipment to take people down some of the best tracks of the area and show theme the beauty of our valley.
Then I add the MTB teaching, for youth  and adult. While most of MTB guide here focus on E-MTB to reach summit and passes with high elevation, I clearly made my choice, NO ELECTRICS BIKES, only focus on MTB skills !


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